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Team Tropical Blue Wave

About Us

Dave Dunk

My name is Dave Dunk, I am going to row across the Atlantic in December 2021 with my buddy Jayme and, after 40 to 70 days, we will arrive in Antigua. I am not a rower but I am someone who cares passionately about making a difference to people suffering from EB.

I hope that my epic challenge will inspire you to care passionately too and act to make a difference. Together we can #FightEB, together we will beat EB. There are several sponsorship opportunities that could help raise the profile of your company to an international audience as well as helping to fulfil your corporate social responsibility commitments, motivate your staff and more.

This is a huge personal challenge, I am taking it on to help reduce pain and itch for people suffering from EB as well as being part of finding a cure(s) – you can be a part of this as well.

Please find an outline of some options above, if you would like to discuss further please contact us.

Jayme Linker Tropical Blue Wave Rower

Jayme Linker

My name is Jayme Linker and I am a Colorado native. I am 32 years old and started racing 8 years ago however it’s only been in the last 5 years I have been really getting into the more intense endurance events.

These are my passion and in 2016 when I found out about the TWAC it became a dream of mine to participate in. It has been no easy feat trying to get a team together as it is quite challenging to find people who want to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic however I truly believe it was fate that brought Dave and I together.

I cannot thank Dave enough for taking the chance of having me as a partner as he lives in the UK and I in the US. I am forever grateful to Nikki with TWAC for getting us in touch and we cannot wait to embark on this adventure together..