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Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

New Year’s Day

On New Year’s Day, Tropical Blue Wave had a very welcome visit from the support yacht Suntiki.

It gave Dave and Jayme a real lift to see and talk with the support crew.

As the UK rang in the New Year they had rowed nearly 1000 Nautical Miles with another 1836 NM to row.

Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Update – Sunday 19th Dec

It’s been a frustrating 24 hours for Dave and Jayme.  

The headwind, though slight was just too much to battle against, so rather than expend too much energy for not much reward, the pair decided to stop rowing and put out the para-anchor.  Dave reckons it’s good that they’ve travelled 1.5 M – he’s choosing to ignore the fact that it was covered in a loop configuration so didn’t result in much forward progress.

A little further south or east and they would be in a much better position but as it stands, it doesn’t look like conditions will improve much until much later today, although they’re going to lift the anchor and have another go this morning.

I spoke to Dave just now and they are in good spirits.  A couple of days ago, they were thinking how good it would be to be able to take a break, but when that break came the only thing they want to do is row. Looking on the bright side Dave said that he intends to get his money’s worth out of this experience by making it last as long as possible.

Check out the excellent updates on Atlantic Campaign’s facebook page

Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Slow but Steady (16th Dec)

Dave and Jayme are making steady progress.

Tired and sore but still highly motivated.

Blisters are beginning to heal and the routines are getting easier – shame the same can’t be said for the rowing which is hard going with only light winds and little current over the last day which has resulted in slower speeds.

No boats, no wildlife but some amazing night skies and shooting stars.

213M rowed – 2421M to row

Thanks to everyone for your kinds words and encouragement

Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Update 14/12/21

Dave and Jayme are now well into their second day rowing and getting used to their two on two off rowing pattern. So far sea-sickness hasn’t been an issue but there are larger beam (side on) seas to come later this week which could make for challenging conditions.

There was a close encounter with a bulk carrier earlier today (no they didn’t take the photo!) which passed about 400m away. So far no wonderful wildlife sightings.

Dave and Jayme were really sorry to hear about Simon’s (Atlantic Rower) early retirement from the race and wish him a speedy recovery so that he can get back into training for next year 🙂

There’s a nice article on our local news site –




Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

And They’re Off

Dave and Jayme departed La Gomera as planned at 12:19 on Sunday 12th December.

For those that missed their send off – you can see the video of all boats leaving here:

Updates will be posted on this blog occasionally, but for avid followers you can check their progress every hour (you’ll be surprised how addictive it becomes) on the Live Tracker at

Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

One Week To Go

It’s been a busy week for all crews in La Gomera. Boat check is completed, just a couple of minor points to correct and just the medicals next week before Team Tropical Blue Wave is cleared to row.

Did you catch the live interview with Dave and Jayme on Atlantic Campaigns Facebook live stream?

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Photos from Smugmug

Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Off Soon

Not long now.

We only have a couple of weeks to go before I am  off across the pond with my buddy, Jayme. I will be leaving the UK on 28th November and we start rowing on 12th December. The plan is to reach Antigua about the end of January/beginning of February. 

We will have a tracker on board so you can follow us on the way across.

Here are the links to the apps that can be downloaded for Apple and Android. When you get the app you will need search for Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2021 when it goes live in December. I think that the race can also be tracked from your PC. I have yet to confirm this. YB tracking is the website.

If you use the play store or the App store then you can just search for YB races or use the links below.

I also have AIS onboard so you can follow us for a bit on marinetraffic or vesselfinder. I think it only works for a certain distance on these systems so the YB tracking app is best. Tropical Blue Wave is the name of the boat.

Can I also ask that you take a look at our website and donate to the charity. Every bit helps no matter how small. That’s what I tell my wife anyway! Here is my website link. I also have links to my facebook and Instagram pages. Hark at me, I sound like a right young person. Next thing I will be wearing a beanie hat and wearing sunglasses in winter at night time and every time a rap song comes on I will make a gun sign! That reminds me of a song?

Also, take a look at the race website as you will find the media links where there are updates from La Gomera at the start and throughout the race.

Talisker Whisky Atlantic Rowing Challenge – The World’s Toughest Row (

We will be trying to get updates out when we can, but I am rubbish when it comes to social media. I have tasked my daughters with helping me on this one. My wife was a navigating officer on the cable ships, so I have tasked her with doing my shoreside weather routing and navigation. The way I see it is, as long as I head west, I should be OK.

It is no easy task rowing across the Atlantic. However, our ordeal will be over after about 45 days or so. We are raising money for kids with EB. Google kids with EB. Their ordeal is never over until a cure is discovered. So please help them by donating.




P.S make sure you have a good Christmas and new year and I will hopefully see you in the spring.